Compliments that start with “D”

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There is an extensive list of compliments using adjectives that start with the letter “D.” For example- dashing, daring, darling, decent, dazzling, diligent, delightful, delicious, disciplined, dedicated, and many more. If you look for the compliments that start with ‘d’, then you are on the right track.

We have posted here some unique and excellent compliments that start with ‘d.’ You will find these compliments helpful in your real-life among friends, at your workplace, within your family. You have heard this statement before that “the first impression is the last impression.” 

Whenever we meet someone for the first time and use great compliments in conversations with them, this will help you make them your good friends. Here’s the list of the compliments that start with the letter ‘D.’


Decent means civilized or someone who can treat people with respect. It is the quality of being a person of an acceptable standard. Let’s find out how we can use decent in our compliments

  • You are a decent man.
  • Your wife is a decent lady.
  • How decent you are!
  • You look very decent in these clothes.
  • It looks like you belong to a decent family.
  • Your parents are very decent and genuine.
  • You are getting a decent salary.
  • Your child seems like a decent kid.
  • You are a decent young woman.


The meaning of dashing is very stylish or attractive. Dashing is mostly used in giving compliments to young men mostly, but sometimes also used for women too. Let’s have a look at these compliments.

  • You were dashing through your speech.
  • You are looking dashing in this dress.
  • You look like a dashing hero.
  • Your personality is dashing.
  • Your smile is dashing.
  • Your husband looks dashing in a suit.
  • Your outfit is dashing.
  • You have a dashing figure.

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Dazzling means something which is very bright and shiny, which makes someone unable to see for a short time. Take a look at the compliments using the word “dazzling.”

  • You have a dazzling smile.
  • You are like a dazzling diamond to me.
  • Your earrings are dazzling.
  • You are dazzling like a moon.
  • You have dazzling teeth.
  • You have given a dazzling performance at the party.
  • You have a dazzling golden glow on your face.


The meaning of “dedicated” is giving too much effort, time, and energy to a job or task which is very important for someone. The compliments using the word “dedicated” are given below.

  • You are a very dedicated person.
  • You are dedicated to your career.
  • You seem very dedicated to your children.
  • Your wife is a dedicated lady.
  • You are very fortunate to have a dedicated wife.
  • You are dedicated to your ambitions.
  • Your son is dedicated to cricket.


The word ‘daring’ is used for someone who is ready to take risks or the ability to be adventurous or bold. We can use daring in compliments with many different styles.

Let’s take a look at these compliments.

  • You are a daring woman.
  • I have never seen a daring person like you.
  • What a daring man you are!
  • You are daring enough to complete this task.
  • You have a daring husband.
  • You have made a daring attempt.


Disciplined means to train someone to obey and to behave in a controlled way. You can easily use ‘disciplined’ in many compliments.

  • You are a disciplined student.
  • You are very disciplined in your routine.
  • Your child acts too disciplined at home.
  • You really have a highly disciplined approach to work.
  • You are a disciplined man.

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