Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend in Spanish

cute names to call your boyfriend in spanish

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Many girls requested cute nicknames. So, we thought, why not give you a whole list of cute names to call your boyfriend in Spanish. With this in mind, we went to our friend who knows a lot about Spanish people and culture. He told us many Spanish nicknames for boyfriend. So if you are looking for a boyfriend-girlfriend cute names to call your boyfriend in Spanish; then stay tuned for now. Here you can get some of the cute, sexy, love, dirty, funny, and romantic names to call your boyfriend in Spanish. So let’s get to the list now.

Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend in Spanish

1: (Mi) Alma

Spanish is a charming language to learn. Suppose your boyfriend is your life, your soul. And you have to give him a cute nickname based on that. Then Mi Alma is the perfect word for you. This means (my) soul. Alma is a very Cute nickname for boyfriend in Spanish. Do you know how long does it take to get to know Someone? If you don’t learn, read this article: How Long Does It Take to Get to Know Someone?

2: Amado

If we talk about cute names to call your boyfriend in Spanish; then Amado comes to our mind first. Amado means beloved, darling. And if you are the one who had a darling and beloved boyfriend, then don’t hesitate to call your boyfriend Amado like nicknames. 

3: Amante

If you are the one who hesitates to commit your relationship in public, then it is a good idea to set a nickname for your boyfriend. How about a Spanish nickname that means lover. Yes, you can give a cute name to call your boyfriend in Spanish with Amante-like words. Nobody would know if you introduced your boyfriend as Amante until Someone knows a bit of Spanish. If you are planning your wedding soon with your boyfriend, then here are some Questions to Ask Bride and Groom About Each Other. 

4: Amigo

If you have a boyfriend and want to give him nicknames in Spanish, then you are in the right place. We are here telling you cute names to call your boyfriend in Spanish. And the word is amigo, which means boyfriend. 

5: (Mi) Amor

Amor is very similar to Amado, and their meaning is quite similar also. Here Amor means love. You could use it as a cute names to call your boyfriend in Spanish. Or just flirt with anyone around you with a flirty nature. Everyone in life faces a situation when they are talking with their crush or special one. But they are looking away while talking with them. If you don’t know why then here is the reason for that. Read also: What Does It Mean When Someone Looks Away While Talking to You?

6: (Mi) Amor guapa

If your boyfriend is a handsome hulk and you want to impress him, then be creative. And here you could start with a word like Amor guapa, which means attractive love. This may surprise him. The reason for his surprise is cute names to call your boyfriend in Spanish.

7: Azúcar 

Suppose you are searching for a cute name that has some meaning for your boyfriend. So what’s the purpose of this cute name? Azucar means (as sweet as) sugar in Spanish. We are 100% sure that your boyfriend would love to hear this cute name in Spanish. If you have just met Someone with whom you feel connected from the soul. Then read this: Feeling a Connection with Someone, You’ve Just Met

8: Bebé 

Bebe is a cute name to call your boyfriend in Spanish. The meaning of this Bebe is baby, which is quite similar to English. You could use this in text and other times for 


9: Bella

Bella is a cute name for boyfriend in Spanish. Which means beauty or handsome. If you want to give a girly type of nickname, then you could use this. If you haven’t yet told your crush that you like them, then here is a tip for you. Read also: How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them?

Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend in Spanish Sexy

1: Besos

Let’s now move to some of the Cute names to call your boyfriend in Spanish, which has sexy meanings. Yes, you heard the right cute yet sexy nicknames. Besos is the first Spanish nicknames for boyfriend. Besos means kisses. If you have a naughty boyfriend, let him decide what you want with a nickname for him. Here is an interesting fact about kisses. Read Also: 20+ Different Types of Kisses and What They Mean in Actual

2: Bicho

If you want to tease your boyfriend with some Spanish nicknames for boyfriend, then bicho is perfect for you. Bicho is a Spanish word that means a bug in English. But wait, it’s a kind of tiny and cute bug, not the dirty one. 

3: Bizcocho

 If you are with a sweet guy and you want to show a loving gesture for that. Then Bizcocho is the cute name to call your boyfriend in Spanish. Bizcocho means biscuit, sponge cake. Have you ever felt stressed just because of a bad dream? If yes, then here is something for you. Read Also: When You Talk in Your Sleep, Are You Telling the Truth?

4: Bombón 

We have one more cute name to call your boyfriend, and the word is bombon. Bombon in English means sweetie. If you and your boyfriend are alone at home and want to try something new, then we have a surprise for you. Read Also: Things to Do with Your Boyfriend at Home.

5: Bonita

This is a girlish type name. So, you must be thinking about why this is in the list yet because we are here to tell you some teasing ways. Bonita is a cute name to call your boyfriend in Spanish for teasing purposes. If you repeat this word, you could flirt and tease him easily. Bonita means pretty, attractive. If you are a bold girl then here is something interesting for you. Read Also: 7 Common Questions Girls Are Afraid to Ask Guys 

6: Caramelo

Teasing is something which every girl would love to do with boyfriend. And saying him, Caramelo means sweet as candy. But when he would search this word he will understand you are saying him small as candy. It’ a sexy feel when he knows you are teasing him. So, this is the reason behind keeping Caramelo on this list.

7: Cariño

Carino is on 7th in the list of cute names to call your boyfriend in Spanish sexy edition. We always hear and say honey, love, baby, and don’t know the same in Spanish. So this is the word Carino for honey and love. If you are finding something new to play with your boyfriend. Then read: List of 90 Best Would You Rather Questions for Adults [New] 

8: (Mi) Chiquillo

We all are aware that everyone loves saying kid to boyfriend as well as their girlfriend. And this is the reason we kept chiquillo in Cute names to call your boyfriend in Spanish. Chiquillo in English means kid. And you can use it in the same context as my baby, my kid. 

9: Chiquito

Here we are with a new mess for you because Chiquito is just looking like a chiquillo. But they are completely different from each other. Chiquito means little one. Wait, it is not for small but for the cute one. 

10: (Mi) Cielo

Last but not least, here is one more cute name to call your boyfriend in Spanish if you have massive respect for your boyfriend, just like a sky. Then why not show him with a Spanish word for it. If you have guessed the meaning of (Mi) Cielo as (my) sky, then you are right. 

Final Wording from Author

So, this was the end of Cute name to call your boyfriend in Spanish. Moreover, we have some cute Spanish nicknames for girlfriend also. Giving a nickname is your personal choice. And choosing a word is what you could take help from your boyfriend himself. If you select a word he doesn’t like, you both would feel hurt at the same time. I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you love this and want us to answer your questions, then follow us on Instagram. Feel free to comment for any suggestions. 

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