At different places, we used to communicate in different ways according to the situation. But some cases are very awkward that we mainly can not continue to speak, and we start thinking about what to talk about in that situation. So in this post, we will tell you how to keep a conversation going.

When two people communicate or speak to each other about anything, that is called a conversation. Conversations can be personal or emotional, informational, relational and professional, etc. 

At present, there are several methods to communicate with each other, like oral communication, text conversation, video calling, social media, and multiple apps on the internet. However, it doesn’t matter how we communicate; silence always creates in between a conversation when we used to think about what to speak about now.

Let’s have a look at the simple and effective ways to keep a conversation going and how to make a conversation interesting.

How to keep a conversation going with a girl

If you are in love with a beautiful girl and you know that she likes you too, but still you are facing problems like

  • You are not capable of expressing your love to her, 
  • You might be feeling shy or nervous while talking to her.
  • You are confused about what you should speak to her.
  • How can I make things interesting for her?
  • How to make a long and interesting conversation?

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, then the solution we prescribe in this post can simply work for you.

How to keep a conversation going with a girl

Choose a topic of her interest

Before starting a conversation, you should know the topic you need to talk to her about. First, of course, you have to get the information about her likes and dislikes from her friends or social media or any other way, but you must have the information about her hobbies, what she likes to eat, where she wants to travel, what her favorite subjects are. 

Collect all this information and analyze it, and whenever you are going to meet her, ask questions to her about favorite topics. Therefore, she would have a lot to tell you about, and you can keep the conversation going long.

Be confident and use your charm

When you have finalized the topics you want to talk about, then it’s time to represent yourself. You don’t have to do anything, be confident about what you’re saying and use your skills and charm to impress her. Don’t panic if there is any silence in between a conversation. 

Be sure to keep the conversation interesting

You have heard about this trick many times to make conversations interesting. But no one describes how to do that? So how can we make our conversation interesting? It’s a genuine question that should come from anyone. So let’s find out some ways to make the conversation interesting with a girl.

  • Be a good listener, let her speak, don’t interrupt her in between while she’s talking.
  • Listen carefully with your all ears what she is talking about. It might be possible if she will check in between if you are listening to her or not.
  • It doesn’t matter to her if your mood is good or not? You have to look interested while she is talking.
  • Act smart, don’t forget to appreciate her whenever you get a chance. 
  • Always pass compliments in between the conversation.
  • Be good at jokes. Crack a good one in between what you feel like. 
  • Be cool and calm while you talk to her, don’t act aggressively. Please don’t complicate things; keep it simple and be honest in your words.

All these tricks can help you to make your conversion exciting and keep going.

Ask questions in between the conversation

You can ask questions in between the conversation to make it more interesting and keep going for a long time. By doing this, she will also feel that you are listening to her properly. The incredible benefit of using this technique is that you can use it as a medium to change the topic if you are feeling bored.

Talk about her

If you want that conversation to last longer, then talk about only her, her passion, interests, favorite things, movies and books, her favorite person, her achievements and clothes, and her favorite music. 

Don’t talk about actual life facts and problems to girls; they can’t handle these topics, so don’t bring these topics into the conversation if you really want to talk to her for a long time.

How to keep a conversation going with your boyfriend

Girls with a boyfriend can read this to get some tips to keep a conversation going with their boyfriend, and girls who don’t have a boyfriend can also read the article for future usage. 

Boys are totally opposite to girls, so the techniques we describe earlier in this article do not work in the case of a boyfriend. For example, girls primarily seek attention in every situation, but boys don’t do this. So let’s have a look at these tips.

  • Choose a topic of common interest and start talking about him.
  • Use your imagination to make the conversation exciting and funny.
  • Talk about his passion and family.
  • Appreciate him for what he has accomplished.
  • Listen to him attentively and give respect to his feelings or emotions. Don’t talk about worldly things; talk about nature, feelings, and emotions.
  • Ask him questions about his goals and plans for the future.
  • Be realistic about everything you speak to him.
  • You can also try flirting with your boyfriend, most of them love it.
  • Always motivate each other to be a better person.

How to keep a conversation going with your crush

A crush is most often characterized by a feeling that you have a million butterflies inside you whenever that person is around. If you see your crush, it may also feel as if your heart leaped with joy, and you are filled with excitement. This word is mainly used for young people’s feelings. 

If you have a strong affection for anyone, it means that that person is your crush. So if you end up meeting your crush someday, then how will you react? What do you talk about, and how can you make conversation interesting and cool between you and your crush.

How to keep a conversation going with your crush

Engage in open-ended conversations

One of the best things you can do is keep asking your crush open-ended questions if you want to engage in a conversation. The best way to go about it is by making it personal. 

Talk about your common tv shows/movies/sports

It would be best if you had an idea of what your crush likes to watch on TV. There are some chances that you might have a common show or movie you both want to watch. You can start talking about it. 

For example, if your crush is a girl, you can ask your crush about your favorite tv show or what’s going on in that show?

  • Do you like to watch football or cricket? If yes, then have you seen this match?
  • Have you seen this movie? If not, then talk about the story and characters of the film.
  • Have you read this book? If not, then start talking about the book.
  • Would you like to play chess? If Yes, let’s play a game now?

Your crush deserves your attention

Every person on the earth seeks other’s attention, then why doesn’t your crush like it? Suppose your crush is a girl, then do these things to feel how important she is.

  • Don’t forget to ask your crush about her family and friends.
  • Ask questions about her routine or everyday things like school or college, projects, work, job, etc.
  • Always remember to ask about her health and how they feel.
  • Try to spend some time with your crush, like planning a movie or event together.
  • Ask about her suggestions and ideas on a particular thing.
  • Respect her opinion and perspective.

By doing all these things, your crush will feel like you care for her a lot.

Ask about their love life

Getting the answers to these questions will help you decide if they are looking into a relationship or not, as well as what your crush’s previous relationships have been like. 

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It’s okay to indulge in the info you learn about his past, but it’s essential to look ahead and appreciate his romantic side. It is still an easy way to have a conversation with a crush on Whatsapp. Let’s have a look at the questions below

  • Is there anything you’ve ever done that you consider the most romantic?
  • Why did you break up with your ex?
  • Have you ever been in love?
  • At our first meeting, what impression did you have of me?
  • In your opinion, what makes a perfect date night? What’s your opinion about soulmates?
  • The most important aspect of a relationship should be, in your opinion?
  • When looking for a partner, what qualities are important to you?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Could love and friendship ever come together?

How to keep a conversation going with a stranger

It’s not easy to start a conversation with a stranger. A person that you don’t know about is a stranger to you. You may have several ideas to start a conversation with a stranger, but keeping that conversation going is also important to know about. So first, find out some tricks to start a conversation with a stranger.

  • Ask a stranger about an address where you have to go.
  • Compliment them about their appearance or clothes or the other things they are carrying.
  • Use your surroundings to find out a common topic to talk about.
  • Introduce yourself in a funny or interesting way.
  • Ask Open-ended Questions
  • Talk about current affairs or universal issues like elections, festivals, etc.
  • Offer a Helping Hand
  • Invite them over a coffee or meal

All these tips will help you to start a conversation with a stranger. But now, we are discussing the practical techniques to keep these conversations going.

Once you have started a conversation, what are the possible things you can do to continue talking to strangers?

  • Cover your conversation with jokes and stories to make it interesting for strangers.
  • Find out the simple possible ways you can help strangers.
  • Please respect their privacy and opinions about a specific thing.
  • Be precise in what you speak, don’t try to lie to impress them.
  • Show them your calm and peaceful side that will definitely not offend them.
  • Be realistic and honest to strangers if they ask about your opinion.

Examples of how to keep a conversation going

How to ask open-ended questions

In this article, we have suggested that you must ask open-ended questions during a conversion to keep going, but now you will learn how to ask open-ended questions. Let’s take a simple example,

One of your friends returns from a college trip, and you ask him, “Have you seen that museum?” What do you expect him to answer whether he will say yes or no. This is the end of the conversation.

But if you ask him, “Hey, you are back, how was your trip”? or “what places have you been through during the trip”? This is called an open-ended question.

What do you expect him to answer this time? He can’t answer in one word or sentence now. So instead, he will tell you about all the places they have visited, the rare things they have done there, funny things that happened on the trip

Examples of how to keep a conversation going

Ask follow-up questions

You should follow up with further questions to demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in the answer you receive. But, unfortunately, it’s usually our lack of sincerity and interest that ends our conversations.

For example, You are talking to your friend on the phone.

You: Hey, what are you doing today?

Friend: Working.

You: Then how it is going. it’s a follow-up question.)

Friend: Ya, it’s going smooth…

By asking a follow-up question, now your friend feels more compelled to provide a longer answer, thus keeping the conversation flowing.

Finding the right balance between sharing and asking

An excellent method for finding a harmonious balance between sharing and asking questions is the IFR method.

IFR means:

  • Enquire – Ask something you’d like to know about
  • Follow up – ask a follow-up question
  • Relate – To keep the conversation balanced, share something about you to break up your questions.


Suppose you and your friend are walking in a park and

You: What kind of girl do you like to date? (Inquire)

Friend: I want to date an intelligent girl with a good height?

You: So, you are not dating Jessie (a familiar friend)! (follow-up)

Friend: Obviously not; she is just a friend.

You: But I like Jessie. I am going to ask her for dinner next week. (Relate)

Asking too many questions all at once is not a good idea.

If you want to keep a conversation going, don’t ask too many questions continuously; this habit of asking several questions irritates the other person. 


Suppose you are waiting for someone sitting in a restaurant and due to some reason, that person doesn’t make it on time, then you must be angry, and you will start asking, where were you? Why are you so late? Why do you promise me? Etc.

But you should not do this; there can be some genuine reason; you must listen to her for once at least. These endless questions will irritate that person and will affect your relationship as well.

Closing Statement

You must have read and learned about all the methods and skills to keep a conversation going and make it more interesting. You can try these methods on your friends, lovers, or strangers, and let us know if you find this blog helpful or not. We are always open to your suggestions and ideas. Please write your feedback and comments in the comment section. We hope you like this article. If you are looking for similar blogs, you can have a look at our website.