How do shy guys show interest

How do shy guys show interest? 

When you are unsure whether or not a guy is interested in you, you may need to look for the correct signals. The most surefire way to find out if a guy likes you is if he tells you. Most guys step out of their…

How to Answer How Are You Doing
Communication Skills

How to Answer How Are You Doing? 

Whenever we have a conversation with anyone, the one question that the other person always asks is, how are you doing? Most people, including me, answer with either, ‘I’m fine, what about you?’ or ‘Everything going great. you tell?’  But do we really answer this…

The Best Argument Against Democracy

The Best Argument Against Democracy 

Winston Churchill gave the best argument against democracy. His quote fits perfectly today rather than at that time. He quoted, “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”  Many people believe that Winston Churchill never said that because he was…

How to Be a Good Conversationalist

How to Be a Good Conversationalist 

Does any word like ‘good conversationalist’ exist? How does someone become a good conversationalist?  Yes, the word ‘good conversationalist’ exists, and anyone can be a good conversationalist. It just needs skills!  We’ve tried to answer questions like, ”how to be a good conversationalist? What qualities…