Which of the Following Is Not a Personal Barrier to Communication?

Which of the Following Is Not a Personal Barrier to Communication

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  1.  Lack of listening skills

      (B) Door

      (C) Lack of vocabulary

      (D) Lack of knowledge

Barriers in communication are the hurdles that come in the way of people while communicating. For example, if two people speak different languages, they can’t speak a common language. How will they communicate? This is an example of the language barrier.

Barriers in communication are multiple types- physical barriers, perceptual barriers, language barriers, cultural barriers, gender barriers, interpersonal barriers, etc.

A Personal Barrier is a factor that is specific to the sender and receiver and hinders the communication process. Communication is hampered by many factors, including life experiences, emotions, attitudes, and behavior.

Lack of listening skills means when two people communicate, one person is speaking, and the other is listening, but not attentively. Then the message decodes from the sender to receiver will not be the same. This is a personal barrier because it is directly connected to the receiver. Therefore, option A can not be the answer.

The second option is the door. The door acts as a barrier many times while two persons are communicating and the door closes; then, they can’t hear appropriately to each other. This is not related to sender or receiver, this is a physical barrier, so option B is correct.

The third option is lack of vocabulary which means if a person doesn’t know words, the other is speaking while communicating. This issue is directly related to the receiver and sender. So this is a personal barrier. Therefore, option C is also not correct.

Option D is a lack of knowledge. When a person is speaking about a topic, the other person doesn’t know what he’s saying. This is also linked to the receiver. Therefore it is also a personal barrier. So, option D is also incorrect.

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